Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clean URLs with Drupal-UrlRewriteFilter-Quercus-Jboss - There's a nice RewriteRule-RewriteMatch combo classes for UrlRewriteFilter posted at this blog.
But it's designed  for tomcat and didn't work on following JBoss configuration right away.
The JBoss config:
1. JBoss-4.2.2
2. Deploying the Quercus web-app(with Drupal inside) as exploded war (Folder name= "myapp.war").
3. Quercus 403
4. Drupal-6.17.
5. UrlRewriteFilter-320
Steps that worked for me:
1. Follow  the above blog at
2. Download UrlRewriteFilter source code from
3. You must have already downloaded drupalrewrite_0.1 in step1.
4. Couldn't find a link for posting comments on above blog. Hence posting the modified source code here. Kindly setup UrlRewriteFilter and drupalrewrite_0.1 sources with all required libs in eclipse etc. and copy the compiled classes to your myapp.war/WEB-INF/classes.
5. Checkout updated sources for drupalrewrite from ( and compile/jar and copy to WEB-INF/lib(jar) or WEB-INF/classes(class) as you wish.
6. Good to go.

Thank you.

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